Sunday, October 26, 2008

Washoe Lake State Park
At the south end of Washoe Lake is a very cool state park that I like to shoot at least once a year. I visited the north end of Washoe Valley on Saturday so I thought I would head back to the valley today and visit the park. It was a warmer than usual October morning with no wind. I saw a few duck hunters with their dogs setting up in the early morning blackness. As I walked down the beach, a howling coyote and a waning moon kept me company and I was glad I was wearing my orange jacket with so many hunters about . The morning stillness was soon shattered with the report of shotguns as the morning light creped across the lake; I'm sure duck feathers were flying. I stopped a couple of times to shoot the shore then drove over to the Dead Man Trail and hiked up to the Gazebo. On the way down the light playing in the willows was a sight to see. ...nice morning.


Trish said...

Thanks for recognizing the beauty of this area. I live in Washoe Valley and visit the parks at least three times a week. Every time I go there is something new to see. The ice piles on the east shore are also breathtaking in the winter after a good wind.

Nevada Hiker said...

Hi Trish,
I love Washoe Valley too, please let me know what I can do to keep it beautiful.